Silent Zen Retreats, Non Violent Communication, Sweatlodge

So much variation you will see in our spring/summer program 2018. The first upcoming retreat is our intensive zen silent retreat from 10 – 13 of may 2018. Thereafter we continue with two special retreats: Non Violent Communication and Zen/Shamanism. De first will be lead by Ruud Baanders, a certificate trainer of NVC. We will deepen us in the communication model developed by the American psychologist Marschall Rosenberg. The model has much influences of buddhism. The second special retreat is about Silence in Zen and Shamanism from 22 – 26 of august. Starting with silent zen days Andres King Cobos will take over the retreat with storytelling, medicine wheel based on the Lakota tradition. All this will be the preparing of the sweatlodge ceremony  and eventually the Vision Quest a total fasting during  3-days/nights in the forest. More about our retreats see our retreat schedule.
You are always welcome to mail/ring us with questions you maybe want to ask us.