Rödjorna: a short message

Rödjorna Retreat Sweden is situated in the heart of Sweden far from roads deeply hidden in silence. Directly connected to National Park Tiveden, and with 26 hectare own old forest with brooks, rocks and some cultplaces is Rödjorna a place to be. The nearby lake is a good place for swimming and canoe.
Rödjorna Retreat Sweden offers mainly zen retreats. We practise Zenmeditation, a well-founded meditationform, which is pure and comes directly from the time of the Buddha (means awaken the light within yourself).

The serene meditation hall has a beautiful view over the high rocks, which invite you to mental calmness and inner peace.
There is an ecofarm with animals and an organic garden which delivers available vegetables for our vegetarian meals.
We welcome also quests for B&B, to stay in one of our cottages or to rent Rödjorna for your own retreats.