What Our Quests Are Saying

Having letting go the old and embraced the new year in cummunity, and the Now, I am coming home with the acknowledgement of the above. I want to thank you for sharing with us your home, your insights, teachings and learning. At Rödjorna you have created something beautiful, a place of hospitality, warmth, peace, tranquility ansd inspiration. Thanks Namaste

Meike Meike coming from Germany participated in our New Years Retreat

The hosts were extremely kind and welcoming. The place itself was really peaceful and calm, the perfect setting for any type of retreat. The silence was quite easy for me to keep, only sometimes slightly awkward to not say “thank you” when receiving something. The meals were cooked with lots of love and care and always good. In the first two days I slept in any break. Then I started walking outside, swimming in the close by lake and writing a story in order to process things bothering me in life.
What it did for me:
I found some rest and got deeper into investigating my fears than the busy day to day life allows.  It was maybe one of many steps into more awareness.
Have a lovely autumn time!

Janina Janina coming from Sweden participated in our Silent Zen Retreat

Dear friends, family,
Thanks for a fantastic retreat! Thanks for all made me see, expire and learn! Thanks for yummi food! Wish you always good health and a nice succes with your lovely company.
All the best, with love,

Steffen Steffen coming from Danmark did an individual zen retreat