Special remarks:
This silent retreat is a good opportunity for those who are interested in exploring themselves according to the old ways of silence and solitude in Zen and Shamanism. The first part of this retreat we practise several times a day zazen (sitmeditation) and kinhin (walking meditation). Some meditation we do outside in nature. In the evening there are short lectures focused on the topic of this retreat. On freday evening Andres King Cobos, traditional shaman, sun dancer and experienced leader of the Temazcal (sweat lodge ceremony) will take us to the indigenous spirituality of Mexico with storytelling of “The Book of the People Popol Vuh”; the secret book of the Maya's. This will be the preparing of the sweatlodge ceremony next day, wherein mental and fysical cleaning taking place.

Optional: Vision Quest. This is a complete fast for three days and nights, alone at a sacred site in nature which is chosen for this purpose. During this time, the person prays and cries out to the spirits that they may have a vision, one that will help them find their purpose in life. Dreams or visions may involve natural symbolism - such as animals or forces of nature -

There is a text available written by Andres about the sweatlodge and the vision quest.

The retreat is suitable for persons at any level of meditation and/or shamanism but both requires fysical and mental perseverance.

Daily Program

07.00 Simple movements or silent walk
07.20 Zazen, kinhin, zazen
08.30 Breakfast

11.00 Zazen; etc. or eventually part outdoor
12.30 Dinner
15.00 Teachings on buddhistic (philosophy) topics, zazen
18.00 Light meal
20.15 Zazen; etc. sutra recitation

21.30 Preparing for the night
On freday evening Andres will introduce us to his culture preparing for the sweatlodge and eventually the Vision Quest later on.


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