Individual Retreat

Its possible to come for a (partly) guided individual (silent) zen retreat. In the quiet, serene atmosphere of Rödjorna Retreat Sweden you begin to relax and come home to the natural world and your place in it. Persons who did the individual retreat before choose to do such a retreat because they offer space to re-focus and re-orient their life in a (part of the) sabbatical, burnout situation or part of their work-training program.
Through meditative zen practices (zenmeditation, mindfulness yoga) you get a chance to go out of your busy schedule and go deep inside for reflection.
Ask us to arrange an individual program that is completely suitable for you.

If you choose a complete intensive individual guided retreat the costs will be 1750 kr per day (including meals, overnight). A possibility is to choose an individual retreat with own activities too, like a hiking in the afternoon or in the morning.
A schedule will be arranged in association with you to get the most provit of your retreat.