The costs include accommodation, all meals, retreat quidance. Day of arrival start before dinner; lastday departure after breakfast. There are activities on the day of arrival and on the day of departure. Seats are limited as we take only small groups for retreat programs.
Guests are free to follow the full program or skip some activities.

Intensive Silent Zen Retreat (sesshin)

10 – 13 may 2018 (3 nights, 4 days)
Costs: 2950 kr based on twin sharing accommodation, additional 500 kr for singleroom

This silent retreat is characterized by silence and deep introspection, and recommended to anyone who is interested in experiencing intensive Zen training. During this Zen Sesshin we try to touch the Buddha mind: to become intimate with your true self. Experience the tremendous strength of people practising together and experience the deep stillness that lies within each one of us. 

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Nonviolent Communication and Zen

08 - 12 june 2018 (4 nights, 5 days))
Costs: 5985 kr based on twin sharing accommodation, additional 800 kr for singleroom

This workshop will be an intensive journey gaining new insights, learning and practicing new practical skills, and exploring what a relationship between NVC and Zen means for you. We will explore the basics of NVC according to Marshall Rosenberg the founder of NVC. Our teacher is Ruud Baanders, a certified NVC trainer who also practicing Ch'an (Chinese Zen). NVC is a learnable process, an attitude, an awareness that can become a way of living, empowering yourself and others to live authentically.
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Silent Meditation Retreat

11-15 july and 8-12 of august 2018 (4 nights, 5 days))
Costs: 4550 kr based on twin sharing accommodation, additional 600 kr for singleroom

The acceptence of silence is a very powerful way to support the deepening of calmness and awareness in our life. Silence fosters a sense of safety and refuge. Through letting go of the familiar world of our daily life is a gift we give ourselves to see our mind and its activity more clearly. This special silent meditation retreat show you the power of meditation and silence. We do zenmeditation in- and outdoor, have teachings, short hikings through nature, optional 24 hours Vision Quest with fast.
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Silence in Zen en Shamanism

22 – 26 of august 2018 (4 nights, 5 days)
Costs: 4925 kr based on twin sharing accommodation. Additional singleroom 600 kr, VQ 2500 kr

In many traditions silence is the mystery of renewal and opportunity to start new things. This theme leads our retreat and we will use the wonderfull knowledge and instruments of Sjamanism and Zen Buddhismt together, because they have similarities. Andres King Cobos from Mexico (Lakota tradition), is official sundanser of Mexico. He takes us from the silence of Zen into the Lakota tradition by storytelling from " The book of the People Popol Vuh", the secret book of the ancient Maya culture. This is the preparing of our Sweatlodge Ceremony (Temazcal) and optional the Visionquest.
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